Company presentation 

Created in 2015, AddBike is a French company based in Lyon and specialized in the development of innovative bicycle accessories promoting urban mobility.


The AddBike can be added to your bicycle and can therefore transform it into a dynamic and compact cargo-bike. Its installation is easy and allows the transportation of loads, parcels, luggage and more… By installing the complementary modules adapted to each specific utilization, you will be able to transport kids or dogs (Carry’Box Kid) as well as loads (Carry’Box). With its tilting wheels technology, you will have the agility of a bicycle, with the capacities of a compact cargo bike.

Basic information

  • Transportation capacity : 35kg (children height 1,20meters)
  • Weight of the AddBike : 14kg
  • Compatibility : practically every bicycle except race bikes or bmx… (see compatibility list)
  • Easy installation in 5 minutes
  • No need to change the fork, just remove the front wheel
  • No need to remove your brakes, just add our brake lever which is ready to be used
  • You just need to remove your front wheel and make room in your handlebar for our brake lever
  • Adaptable settings : adapt the AddBike to your riding style, your utilization or your preferences. Many things can be adjusted, including :
  • The resistance of the inclination of the wheels (how easily to the wheels tilt)
  • The position of the wheels related to the base structure
  • The inclination of the AddBike

Why the AddBike

Economical : no need to purchase a whole cargo-bike, you can use your own bicycle. If you need to purchase a new bike, the combination of the AddBike + the new bicycle can still be more economical than buying a whole cargo.

Compact : when installed on the bicycle, it takes little space (same width as a standard handlebar). When separated from the bicycle, it can be stored in the trunk of your car or in your apartment.

Fun to ride : thanks to its tilting-wheels technology and to its compacity, you will get the agility of a bicycle with the capacities of a cargo bike.

Convertible : you will be able to use your bicycle in its standard configuration or as a cargo-bike. That way, for example, a mountain bike can be used for leisure and for children transportation as well !

Technical characteristics 

  • Wheel size : 20’’
  • Materials  :
    • Base and backrest plaques : Compact (stratified material, resistant to outdoor conditions and environment friendly)
    • Tubes : Steel (ED black – corrosion resistance)
  • Dimensions with wheels : 54 x 68 x 83cm
  • Max dimensions of carried loads : 45cm (width) / 50cm (depth) / 60cm (height)
  • Brake types : Hydraulic disk brakes on each wheel controlled by one lever (Tektro Aurigatwin)
  • Includes special mudguards on each wheel
  • Can be equipped with special modules (Carry’Box Kid and Carry’Box)
  • Antitheft option available
  • Light option available – can be installed on top of each mudguards
  • Extra compatibility options : for thru axles (12mm and 15mm), wheel sizes of 16” and 20” see adaptation options

Learning phase :

Even though the AddBike is unique in its way, it belongs to the family of cargo-bikes. By using this system, your normal bicycle becomes a unique cargo-bike. Naturally, this transformation changes the riding sensations of your bicycle. It is normal to have to go through a familiarization phase.

Balance :

Thanks to its tilting wheel system, the AddBike brings good maneuverability which is appreciated by the urban cyclist seeking to transport things with their bike. This technology (tilting wheels) is not designed to bring additional balance to people having stability issues or balance-related handicaps. As a rule of thumb : if you are comfortable on a normal bike , you’ll be comfortable using the AddBike. However, if you cannot ride a normal bicycle comfortably, chances are the AddBike won’t be a good solution for you.